So you think you’re not creative!

This is something so many people think about themselves. They believe because they can’t knit or paint or do origami, that they are not creative.

But creativity is more than just making a jumper or painting a pretty scene. It lives within all of us. We are all born with a brain that is both analytical and creative, yet we often believe that we have one or the other.

We are scientific or practical or arty. We can’t be both. Yet elements of both exist in us and creativity is perhaps one of the least explored parts of us. It’s something that we often ignore, in pursuit of more important careers. It’s just a hobby or something that I can do later. Later when I have more time. Later when I’m not so busy.

But ignoring our creative side is to our detriment, for it fuels our soul. Yes we can have a successful career in some other field that satisfies us and brings us joy, but by including creativity in our lives, we become whole. Those who do have a career in the arts or design often have the best of both worlds.

Creativity brings the fun back into our lives, the play that we often put off in search of more grander things. It balances our lives so that we have equal elements of work and downtime.

So you think you’re not creative! Do you enjoy cooking or decorating the house? Maybe you love gardening or creating woodwork? Maybe you love to sing or dance or go to the theatre? Maybe you love to travel and explore new cultures and lands or read fantasy novels?

These are all creative pursuits. We are engaging our talents and bringing into our lives the things we love and enjoy. We don’t have to be making something to be creative. We just need to follow our dreams.

So next time someone you know says they are not creative, remind them of how much creativity they already have in their lives. And if they don’t, encourage them to start searching. Try something new. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just give it a go. You might find something that you are really passionate about.

We all need play and fun in our lives for them to be fulfilling. Being creative is an essential part of that.


Judy xxx

Ps. As part of my creative journey, I have written a book. You can read more about it here:

References: Photo by Ricardo Viana on Unsplash

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