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True Essence – finding your authentic self without compromise.
Many of us, as women take on certain roles throughout our lives. We do this as a result of our upbringing, beliefs and society’s expectation of us. We are the carers, the partners, the mothers, sisters and people pleasers. We take on so many roles and fit in to what is expected of us, forgetting who we really are along the way.
Learn to let go of these roles, discover what you really love and find your own true essence

As Women we take on many roles throughout our life.

We are the daughter, the sister, the mother, the partner, the nurturer, the carer, the people pleaser, and a million and one other titles that are bestowed upon us. We take on these roles because of our beliefs, upbringing and society’s expectations of what a Woman should be.

What if instead we stepped out from behind these roles to find out what brings us joy and who we really are?

A health scare in a car park led Judy to ask herself these very questions. She began a journey of discovery to see what mattered in her life, what values to hold on to and what beliefs and behaviours she could let go.
This led her to find not only a deeper joy in life, but a recognition of her authentic self.
This book reveals her journey and the steps she took to find her own true essence. You will learn:
• To recognise the roles that society has given you that no longer serve you
• To release old behaviours and patterns related to these roles that are holding you back
• And you will discover and truly love your authentic self


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