It’s okay to be in transition as a creative. It’s okay to hit pause and it’s definitely okay to be at a standstill and not know the way forwards.

What do I mean by transition? Transition is a period of change, a moving onwards, or towards another goal or purpose in life. It means you may need to stop and reassess where you are going, or completely change your focus.

As a creative, transition can mean a period of new growth, a time to change direction or become energised again, so that you can begin even more exciting projects.

I commenced this year at a bit of a standstill. I was still seeing my lovely reflexology clients, but had no idea what I wanted to do with my creativity. I felt stuck and unmotivated and unsure of how to move forwards.

However I didn’t panic. I just felt that I needed to wait. Inspiration would come as it always did. I just needed to be patient. So I didn’t force myself to write or draw or take photographs. I actually did nothing creative.

I knew I needed a break so I took a couple of weeks off to just rest. I was lucky enough to go away to the beach for a week and returned revitalised. I gave myself some space and time in nature. I turned off that busy mind and allowed my Muse to have some room to come back in.

Now I know that we can’t always go away when we are feeling stuck and uninspired. However just turning off our devices, doing some meditation if you enjoy this, or just spending some time outside and in nature, will change your perspective.

We all lead busy lives and our diaries are full of appointments and obligations. But our creativity craves time and space so that it can burst forth sevenfold. Our Muse needs the invitation to come back in and our minds need the freedom of non-engagement.

It’s okay to be in Transition. We can’t always be motivated, but we can open ourselves up to new opportunities. Perhaps try something entirely new. Go to an art gallery, or see a show, or take up a new hobby. Have a day at the beach, or in the countryside. Try some form of art that you have never done before, such as painting or pottery.

Trying something new does not mean you have to be perfect at it. It just may stimulate your mind so that new ideas come flooding in and your muse shouts, ‘Finally.’

Get advice or help if you need to, or do a short course. I have a wonderful creative mentor who I chatted with, about which direction to take with my own creativity. I felt encouraged and inspired and now have lots of ideas moving forwards.

I have started writing a series of children’s books and returned to my photography. My creativity had not disappeared, it was just in transition.

If you are feeling a bit stuck or have no ideas about how to progress, don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some time and recognise that transition isn’t always easy. It is, however, often necessary for us to stop and re-evaluate where we are headed, so that we can create more beautiful, soul inspiring art.

With love,

Judy xxx

References: Photo by Ashley Rich on Unsplash 

Disclaimer: Please note that all information in this article is the opinion of the author and obtained through her research and knowledge and the above references. It is not meant to replace medical advice and a medical opinion should always be obtained for any health condition.